Rolf Pilve

Date of Birth:
October 23rd, 1987

Tampere, Finland

In Stratovarius:
since 2012

Rolf Pilve is a drummer Stratovarius, legendary Finnish metal band spanning over two decades. Rolf is known for his musical playing and versatility as a drummer with bands like Miseration, Solution.45 and The Magnificent. He has played in 16 different countries and over 500 shows so far and on over thirty albums, demos and singles.

His musical journey began at the age of seven and his first professional break was in 2005 with Dreamtale and Sightless. He recorded an album for both bands and started to emerge in a freelancing scene in Tampere, doing every gig possible from wedding and cover gigs to jazz gigs still staying true to his roots in metal music.

In 2006 only 18-year old Rolf joined Essence of Sorrow featuring names like Mikko Härkin (Sonata Arctica), Mats Léven (Yngwie Malmsteen) and Jani Stefanovic, who would also be a long-time collaborator with Rolf. They played few shows and recorded the album “Reflections of the Obscure”. This was also his first international break as he got to play a tour in Europe with Essence of Sorrow.

His collaboration with Jani Stefanovic in 2007 led him to Miseration and Solution. 45, featuring respected singer Christian Älvestam (ex-Scar Symmetry). Both bands have got amazing reviews in media. At the same time Rolf joined Status Minor, one of the leading progressive metal bands in Finland.

At the moment Rolf is living in Helsinki, where he studies music in Pop & Jazz Conservatory while gigging and recording all over Finland. He also teaches privately at Helsinki, Tampere & Jyväskylä. Besides Stratovarius, he is an active member of Reversion, Status Minor and Code For Silence while keeping really busy as a freelancer.

Rolf has played and worked with: Stratovarius, Solution.45, Miseration, Reversion, Timo Tolkki, Code For Silence, Status Minor, Beyond The Dream, Dreamtale, Sightless, Pulse – Tribute to Pink Floyd, Rock-It-Launcher, Crystalic, Section 8, Heikki Malmberg, Sweet Jeena & Her Sweet Hearts, Nousu, Kalevi Louhivuori, The Magnificent.

Rolf Pilve